Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Slow Down for Lent

February is finally over
Really it seems to me it went quickly
Not being a fan of cold and wet
(And few who have jobs or responsibilities they must commute for are fans)...
I am glad to see the back end
Of this too-often icy, stormy, and snowy month.
Too many people had accidents this month, and too many died.

And it occurs to me that the beginning of March can be just as bad.

If you must give up something for Lent,
Why not give up jockeying for position on the highway,
Zooming past the annoying slowpokes,
Barging into and through traffic,
And driving over the speed limit?

Take a little more time.
What's your rush?
If you speed through life,
You may just get to its end a little sooner than you might like,
And without noticing the beauty on the way.

Letting someone else go first might make a difference in their life, and driving a little slower and more carefully might save your life, and the lives of others too.

Taking it easy on the roads this Lent might be not only a fast, but a gift to yourself, your family, and to the people you share the roads with.
Truly this would be a Godly fast, and a good habit to retain once Lent is past.

I promise not to honk.

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secretdubai said...

Thank you for the tip off on my blog. I don't know if someone did that by mistake, or marked me as "offensive" deliberately (I have a few un-fans out there!)

Let's just hope Blogger ignores it. My blog doesn't contain a single image in its five years of posts, so it's fairly work-safe.