Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Satan was in my mailbox today

Satan was in my mailbox today
He was there yesterday too
I am impressed how hard he tries
To find bad things for me to do

He stuffs junk in my mailbox
He solicits me
Bombards me with temptation
For things that I don't need

Why don't you break the law?
Or buy this useless stock?
Pills so you won't feel Blah?
Or this expensive piece of schlock?

He tempts with things I can't mention,
Guilty pleasures galore.
Gluttony, lust, and luxury,
To buy more, and more, and more

To spend of the treasures I'm given
For things of neither good nor worth,
To spend my life in consumption,
Till I find my bed in the earth.

And then what would I tell my Maker,
About all the aged booze in my shed,
About my portfolio of junk-bonds?
My Rolls is no good if I'm dead.

And maybe that's how I will filter,
The good things from the bad.
Things that, when I meet my Maker
Will make us happy, not sad.

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