Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our God is a River

Our God lies before us-
A stream broad and strong-
From its springs in the mountains
Hear its fountain-head song!

Every mile it grows stronger!
Much deeper, more wide!
How far will it carry me,
If I dare plunge inside?

The leap, and the splash-
The breathtaking cool!
To those on the shore
I must look like a fool.

But now I am moving
Quite swiftly along
The river of God it is swift,
It is strong.

God lies all about me,
God enters each pore...
I never, -no never!
Will swim back to shore-

But swim in God's current;
And go where God leads;
Having faith in God's providence;
To see to my needs.

Come join us who swim
In God's Holy Flow! -
It is much more rewarding
Than mere watchers can know.

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