Friday, September 7, 2007

An Issue of Scope

I was going to post for tomorrow a poem by Gail of Scribal Terror entitled 'Double [Ptero]Dactyl' as part of my theme that spirit exists in all creatures and that all are loved by, inhabited by God.
A theme expressed in my poem/post We Didn't Fall - We Climbed.
But then I heard via Tobias at In A Godward Direction that Madeline L'Engle had been released from this mortal realm, and felt that my post should honor the spirituality of this woman who saw...
...spirituality in our mitochondria, in our very atoms, and in the song of the universe...
...and as I thought about it, 'Double [Ptero]Dactyl' seemed a very appropriate poem for honoring this marvolous woman, who saw the scope of God as so very much broader.
And so here is Gail's poem, with the same artwork (above) as on Gail's original post:

copyright Gail Hapke 2005, 2006, used with permission

Furry and bug-eyed and
Batty as hell,
Whatever became of these
No one can tell.
Thank you Gail, and thank you Madeline.
We will miss you.

Tobias's post on Madeline is here.
Gail's post on Madeline is here.
The NY Times on Madeline's pasing is here.

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