Tuesday, April 3, 2007

God Must Get Kind Of Dizzy

God must get kinda dizzy
As we shoot across the sky
As we arc across the galaxy
As the stars go spinning by

As we spin and twirl and wobble
As we swing around the sun
And that dang moon keeps on zipping past
Eyeing mankind can't be fun

And God's eyes must be real sharp
If he can pick our small selves out
Us who live in a thin film of gas,
On this rock that whirls about

I mean, we're not even one-tenth a mote
Some dust caught by the light
I couldn't pick us out from among the stars if I were to squint with all my might

And yet God loves us every one
Us mites perched on a flea
And cares for each and every one
However small we be

So let us try so show some care
For those flecks of life like us
Who dwell on this tiny blue-ish speck
Of cast off stellar dust

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