Friday, April 6, 2007

'Good' Friday

I never got 'Good Friday'.

Who are they kidding?

Easter might be 'Good Sunday'

But 'Good Friday'?


It boggles the mind, being nailed to a tree and left to hang till dead.

It sure doesn't seem good to me.

More like nasty friday, evil friday, bad, rotten and twisted friday.
The friday we blew it, got it wrong, put an innocent saint to death because he freaked out the priests.

Unless there is something more going on here.

Unless Jesus died obediently on the cross, when he needent do so, and unless his death did something more, moved something in heaven and earth, proved, demonstrated, saved, redeemed...

But what? I propose that, apart from the resurrection, Jesus' death on the cross was a powerful act. Jesus, God incarnate, came to live with us, and suffered and died like us.

Jesus, was, after all, 'God with us'. And in Jesus, God proved his willingness to be with us through the worst that life can dole out. God did not leap off the cross, step out of the role when it got tough, painful, and mortifying. No, God was faithful to the end.

God IS with us.

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