Saturday, April 21, 2007

Muddy, Floody Happiness

This was a tough week for many.
Murder, religious hatred and flooding darkened it.

On my daily commute, I have seen the tragedy of the flooding first hand, with some houses struggling to keep their roofs above water.

And with the rain continuing into the week, the flooding persisted, only slowly subsiding as the rains lessened.

In one community, the locals used small rowboats to get to the raised railbed, and then walked along the rails to get to town.

But on Friday, the sun came out, and began the serious work of drying things up, and on my way home, I chanced to see a man, a resident of one of the flooded areas, rowing to the railbed with his golden retriever in the back of his boat.

And that dog was just as happy as a dog could be, waving his tail, and lifting his nose to sniff all the different muddy, floody smells. You could tell that for him, this was a great and exciting day.

And I pray we may all find moments of joy in our lives, even in the dark bits.

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