Thursday, April 26, 2007

Better Living Thru Chaomistry

Hilltop gurus don't have children
They mostly don't have wives
They don't labor for their upkeep
They live stark and simple lives

But up upon a pinnacle
Is not where we're called to live
We have work among the masses
We must compromise and give

And nothing is quite perfect
And much is not so great
Few plans are finished early
We often stay up late

Nothing gets our full attention
Our tasks we often won't complete
Somedays we feel successful
If our families can eat

But we make space at our table
For children, friends and foes
We try to provide some comfort
For a multitude of woes

Life's a business of balance
A little 'take' and lots of 'give'
But if we are to be Christian
This is how we're supposed to live

Creation starts with chaos
Love requires a bit of mess
The Light requires us to be sharing
There is injustice to address

So find faith in growth by measures;
joy in clutter and dissaray
And with God's help we'll move forward,
And make a better, brighter day.

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Carin said...

That was comforting.