Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Our life, it is a struggle

There is work to do here
And in doing it we're blessed

But it is not all fun
And sometimes we get depressed

It tastes sometimes of vinegar
Of sweat
And blood
And tears

And death is often not
The greatest of our fears

Paul reminds us that we're not alone, of the body we are a part

And passing on we are suprised how much of us are heart.

Our life, it is a struggle
There is a lot for us to do

But God blesses us and keeps us
And hereafter will make us new

So lift your hearts and lift your heads and press forward to the goal.
There is great honour in the fight that purifies your soul.

We are all one in God's great scheme, in God no lonely ways.

But myriads of blessings over an infinity of days.

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