Monday, February 23, 2009

I Want Only Those Books Which Are Worth Reading Twice

I want only those books
Which are worth reading twice

And why read it again
Lest it’s worth reading thrice?

And if I must read it thrice
It should be worthy of more -

The number of readings
It must exceed four

It must be worth reading again
It must always be new

It must tell me things hidden
It must tell me things true

It should grip me and draw me
It must make me lose sleep

It must teach me to laugh
It must cause me to weep

The story must flow
through my body and soul

It must make me feel wounded
It must make me feel whole

So when I hear ‘oh, I read that’
I think ‘oh, how sad’

A book you read once
Must be unbearably bad.

And just so may we be reading
The good book of 'The Other'

Good books much worth reading;
Book Sister and Book Brother

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