Monday, December 25, 2006

Not a Fallen, But an Arisen World

Sometimes I get glimpses
Of how we are supposed to be
"Oh, That's How It Is!"
And how far short of the mark we, I fall.

Is it a sign of a fallen world,
The fallen world we live in?

No, it is a sign of the growing,
Created world we live in,

Where The Friend shows us the next step,
What is and might be possible.

To encourage us.
To lead and guide us.

We are beings of great potential.
In a world of amazing possibilities.

Have faith.
God did not create a purgatory for his flock,
Nor did he create a gilded cage.

We are here to struggle, learn, and gow,
And strive towards a better world.

There is work to do here.

Go forth to love, and serve the Lord

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