Thursday, December 28, 2006

Don't Feed Satan

Christ charges us to be wise in our efforts and prudent with our resources, and for good reason.

It is very easy to hear the word, and rejoice, and try to serve, but have all one's efforts be absorbed in dealing with the unimportant cares of this world.

It is not in the best interests of The Light if you find yourself spending your time and treasure on that which does not last, or which helps few.

There are needy people in the world who will absorb every ounce of your effort and money. There are greedy people in the world who will do the same. The government can absorb huge amounts of money and paperwork.

Where you can, you should minimize the time and money spent on these things. To the degree you can, you must cut Satan out of your payroll, and out of your schedule.

Don't spend your efforts on endeavors which are gone in a moment.
Don't do 'what is percieved as proper' if that time and treasure could be spent getting someone to a new place, teaching someone, creating opportunities, or doing something else of real long-term worth.

To some degree the world will insist you waste your time and treasure. It will insist that you feed Satan. And you can spend all your time fighting to keep your treasure out of Satan's hands, or vice-versa.

Here is where we must be wise in our use of our time. Cut Satan out wherever you can, but don't waste your time on battles that you won't win, and that will use up your time.

Come up with an idea of what your time is worth, and use it to evaluate your efforts. Spend your time and treasure generously, but wisely.

Make Satan work for your money, and spend for his time with you. Make him make appointments with you, take out your trash, help someone along the way. But be diligent, lest in shorting Satan, you are unjust to someone else. Be as wise as you are able, and as kind as you can afford.

But don't ever miss a chance to share love, if you can help it. Because love, unlike time and treasure, only increases when it is spent.

All My Love to You

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