Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Yesterday I was doomed.

There were wolves at my heels,
And ahead, smoke and fire.
My way is blocked,
I have no escape.
I will not despair-
I will either march through the flames,
Or fight the wolves.

The wolves who run and run
And never tire,
And never stop,
And never die,
And show no mercy.

The fire is high and hot.
But as I come close to it,
Chased by the relentless wolves,
It is less, and I am able to pass through.

I am not burned,
I am not less,
I am not hurt,
I am clothed in a new garment.
White clothing of celebration
And peace.

And today I am free,
And the wolves howl distantly.
And it was none of my doing.
I merely moved ahead,
In a Godly direction,
But without much faith.

I am going to leave this writing
I do not have an answer.
I am not sure of the question.

Soldier on.
Have what faith you can.

We will meet again,
The wolves,
The fire,
And I.

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