Friday, June 8, 2007

A World of Life

Through the haze
The ground appears
Misty, bluish, brown and green

Cut and furrowed
Cross hatched and patched in funny shapes
Jumbled like a mad jigsaw puzzle

Square on this edge
Curvey on that
Jagged on the third

Patterned bits
Nosing into dark green patches
Which slide around light green swatches

The landscape seems to move
Snuggling into itself
Like calico kittens on their mother's bosom
Or sleeping lovers in crazy-quilt PJs

Till God modestly draws a wooly blanket of cottonballs over them
And I float alone in the sky


Pixie said...

I keep re-reading this at ST. I positively love it.

Thank you.

Locust-Eater said...

Thanks! My pleasure.

The rest of my trip was both mysterious and pleasant, too.