Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blog Business

I have switched back to SiteMeter from StatCounter. I do think StatCounter caught more clicks, but it was annoying to use - I just wanna see all the clicks in order with where they came from, as possible, and StatCounter wants to break it out seven ways from tuesday, and do graphs and such that won't display on a handheld device anyway.

On the linking front I let 'Secret Dubai Diary' go as a link, but added Stories About Becoming and Soul Friending, both blogs by SB, and A Seeking Spirit. You might be amused to see a poem I wrote for one of Sketchy Beast's characters, Cornelius, which is here.

And I am leaving the Blogging Episcopalians toy in, even though it doesn't work right. I'll come back to that some day in the future.

What's wrong with this blog? Hmmm. I have too many topics, and I wish that they were on the right side nowadays. Maybe a template change is in order. A task for some other day, that is.


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