Friday, September 21, 2007

Blog Changes:

I know that these blog change posts are boring...

  • You will notice that I moved everything from the left to the right.
  • I am now just tagging 'books' of the Bible and not chapters or book numbers, with the exception of Isaiah 55, which is popular.
  • I added extra padding around titles of blogs (looks more poetic that way).
  • I pulled out the feedburner footers which, tho cool, were slowing things down.

I am considering further reducing or re-doing my tags, trying to clear out synonyms, and get closer to just tagging 'topics'. It's hard to do that kind of a thing when you are a 'p', every word should be a tag.



Update 26-Sep-07: I have updated the sidebar to make it a little wider and reduce wrapping - but better than that, I added a 'skip to main' hyperlink for people with mobile/text-based browsers at the top of the body section. (You should only see this if you are visiting this site via a mobile/text-based browser.)

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