Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Angel at the Loom

I walked into a room with yellow walls, and sitting there was a girl of about twelve, dressed all in white and working at setting up a loom. (Which if you know about weaving, you know is no small task.) So I sat down beside her and began working with her. After some time working together we finally finished, and I said 'Yay! We are Done!' And I went to hug the little girl to celebrate our success. But she drew back and said 'I am not allowed to hug people... ...but I can kiss them!'
Thinking that this made NO sense, I woke up.


A few additions/thoughts on this:

The room felt warm and friendly.
I didn't think of the girl as other than a girl till I awoke.

Perhaps the loom is a symbol of life, and the way it works out.

The work was already underway, and I entered into that work.

The delicate, knowing touch of her fingers on the threads as we worked together.

How Jesus was unable to be touched when Mary found him in the garden, but was able to be touched later by Thomas and the other disciples.

The kiss of peace.

'Angel kisses' seen as causing freckles and birthmarks - and also seen as being blessings.

I think that this was a spiritual dream, and encourages me/all of us to enter into God's labors.

I/we were not helping finish the work, but helping to start it - meaning much is ahead of us and we are still laying the foundation stones of God's great work.

The Angel is glad for my/our help and pleased with our progress, and has a kiss/blessing(s) to share with those who enter into the labors.

And... ...I wish I had stayed to begin the weaving.

May you all enter into God's labors and find many blessings there!

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