Thursday, February 22, 2007


We are together;
We do things together.
We want to be together.
Sometimes we do things apart,
Even things that our partners don’t understand or like,
But we like to do things together.
We eat together;
We pray together;
We are together.

We think differently about a lot of things;
We discuss, argue even, but at the end of the day;
We are together.
There is no physical chain that holds us;
There is no law that compels us;
There is no force that prevents us from leaving;
We can go separate ways if we like;
And sometimes we will go separate ways;
But we like being together;
And we will come back together;
We are together.

May God bless us with many relationships like this;
In our relationships with God;
In our relationships with each other;
And in our corporate relationships;
May we be always

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