Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lenten Decorations

We are in the Triduum of St Valentines day. Perhaps even the Octave of Valentine's Day. -Days of celebration of love, and fidelity. Kisses and hugs, Cards and chocolates, pink bunting and banners with hearts and cupids abound.

But next (after Mardi-Gras) comes Lent, season of ashes and pennance, and of the lengthening days and swelling buds that spell winter's doom. Where are the banners of Lent? What should it's popularly (not clerically) assigned liturgical colors be?

For me, Lent is grey, and green, with bits of pink and white. Ash, with hints of spring and new life.

I guess it would be unrealistic, even silly to expect our neighbors and friends to dress their houses in somber tones for Lent... ...bunting probably doesn't come in tones of mourning. But this year I am minded to keep a somber Lent.

Perhaps I can find some grey tule for my entryway.

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