Monday, February 19, 2007

To The Saints Of The Church In Dar Es Salaam

When needed, we are there
We visit you in prison
We feed your hungry
We clothe your naked
We heal your sick
We rebuild your homes
We bring sight to your blind
We tell you of God
We restore your Faith

Every day, if we obey God, we should be doing these things for those in need, free of concern for labels or borders, free of concern for names, or orientations.

We are all sorts of people, and invite all sorts of people to join in our ministry, but our souls are one.

Our calling is the same one that brought us to you when you were called sinful, unworthy, soulless, and irredeemable.

Our calling continues, welcoming and healing others called sinful, unworthy, soulless, and irredeemable.

May we continue always to do what we see our Father in Heaven doing.

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