Sunday, February 25, 2007

Always Wanting More

We want more
We need more
More money
More things
More energy
More enthusiasm
More life

Often we feel that we don’t have enough

Just the other day, while thinking that I did not have enough time for myself,
to do the things that I hoped to do, to contemplate, to create, to help, and even just to relax...
I drove by a cluster of emergency vehicles on the edge of a road

The people working there wanted more too
More time to help
More blood
More speed
More equipment
More life-saving drugs
More skilled hands

Suddenly, the everyday ‘mores’ and ‘needs’ that had filled my day became much, much smaller.

May God grant you more:
More vision
More inspiration
More balance
More love
More energy

May God grant you less:
Less distractions
Less self-orientation
Less feeling sorry for yourself
Less inclination to do things that are not helpful

And may God grant you Peace.

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