Monday, February 26, 2007

Snow and Sin

Snow covers this morning in my little town.
It hides a good quantity of minor suburban lawn-sins.
The boy's toy truck abandoned in the back yard becomes a small white mound,
The Christmas tree awaiting use in a campfire next year becomes a larger hummock,
Places where fallen twigs needed picking up, or where chipmunks and beetles have ruined bits of lawn are totally hidden away.
Each groundskeeping sin is covered by pure robes of snow, whiter than any Earthly fuller could bleach.

It is with joy that I report that, like my minor suburban groundskeeping crimes, our personal and corporate sins can similarly be covered, forgiven, and hidden away.

And how is this possible, when the ones you sinned against are resolute against you, or long lost, in perhaps many ways?

It is only possible as we all belong to God, and any real crimes committed against each other belong, in the end, to our loving God, who is as broad as creation and as patient as eternity. Seek forgiveness from those you have harmed, if possible, and make peace, but also, bring your sins to God's throne, and you will receive the peace of God.

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