Thursday, March 1, 2007

What's to Do?

This morning I was awakened by a dream that had my spouse admitting to me that she was addicted to Methamphetamine.

Please note that my dreams are usually not dark or sad, and nothing could be further from the realm of liklihood, but a very scary prospect.

I think the dream was inspired by the State of New Jersey* trying to shut down a local homeless shelter's addiction counseling program for not having the proper licenses.

The dream expressed my dispair at what I saw as the likely loss of my favorite person to this desructive drug through a song, which was in the dream sung by 'Squeeze' that went somthing like this:

Who is to blame when it falls
I'm not complaining 'bout my broken heart

What's to do about this play's new part

You took my love
And now you go away

That's all I remember, but if you know 'Squeeze' you might be able to imagine them singing it.

The fragment that was left singing in my ears as I woke up was "what's to do?".

I was dismayed to hear yesterday morning that the State was interfering with the Mission's program. I can't imagine that the State has a comparable program that serves the people the mission works with. It is one thing to hit bottom, but to add addiction to it... -It is almost unimaginable to me. I have worked in homeless shelters, and know what a tough road these people have in front of them.

I heard about this yesterday morning, and totally forgot about it in the midst of a busy day, until my dream reminded me.

I am not sure yet what's to do, but maybe sharing this dream is one step.

Maybe you, Dear Reader can help answer this question too.

I'll post links to the story if I can find it online.

* The actual story is worse: According to The Daily Record a local NIMBY (not in my back yard) group, Stand Up Asbury, from Asbury Park, trying to prevent the Market Street Mission from opening a shelter in their town, brought legal action which has resulted in the drug addiction counseling efforts of the Mission in Asbury Park *and in Morristown* being placed in legal limbo. A real tragedy.

The NIMBY group claims that the shelter will draw more homeless to Asbury Park (there is a problem in the town, and the sources I am looking at indicate there is no overnight shelter there right now), and that the Market Street Mission treats Homosexuality as an addiction too, a potentially hot-button issue for a town with a healthy Gay population. Somehow, with Homelessness, Addiction, and Job training to deal with, I don't think the Mission spends much time evangelizing about sexuality.

I know I said not so long ago that I wasn't going to try and be controversial. However, the blog is called "Signs, Dreams and Visions". And here is a dream, one that ended with a question of "What's to do?". In Isaiah, God asks: "Who will we send, and who will carry our message?"

Will you leave God's question unanswered?

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