Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Sex of God

It isn't so much
That God's a He or She
Or some kind of it

It's not like God has arms or legs
Or a tush on which to sit

But sometimes it is lovely
To use 'He', 'Him' or 'Father'
To call God 'Mom' is also comfy
To use 'She' or 'Her'.

Let's not affirm one gender naming,
Rejecting all of the rest.
Because although our God is sexy
With one gender (S)He is not blessed

And in our pan-gendered thinking
Please include Satan too,
And not for good affirm just girls.
While for bad just boys will do.

So let's sometimes call God 'Father'
And sometimes call Her 'Mom'
Let's try not to get bothered
Like someone dropped a bomb

I really like your gender
And I hope you'll honor mine
If we can be respectful
I'm sure we'll do just fine.

Posted early for Saturday

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