Sunday, October 28, 2007

What good are broken vessels?

We are imperfect vessels
For God's love
We cannot encompass it
We cannot hold it
It leaks out
And we lose it

So pour it out
And share it
Be constantly emptying yourself of God's love
And God will keep filling you up
And will live within you
As a constantly flowing spring of living water
That will never ever run dry

What good are leaky, broken vessels?
They are the perfect place to put the love you want the world to share.


SB said...

October 28th seems to have been a good day for living water. It was one of the points in the sermon I preached (Jesus Decentralized the Fountain of Life -- John 7:37-39). And it was the theme of Earl Palmer's sermon at University Pres also.

Locust-Eater said...

Clearly, the Holy Spirit was speaking. :)

Locust-Eater said...

p.s. 'The Decentralized Fountain of Life' Love it. :)