Monday, October 15, 2007

That's Still Nuttin:

As of today, this blog swept past two thousand visitors.
Not so long ago, on July 14th , it hit one thousand,

And I posted a poem to commemorate the event, which poem I update below.
I promise, I'll wait till at least FIVE thousand before I make any more fuss.

p.s. I do see that lots of you are coming here wondering about your dreams and visions, and I do have a post that discusses discerning about the dreams, signs, visions and the like you have here, and I will be posting more on that subject. Please also feel free to post as comments dreams that you have, and I will share the ones that inspire me as blog entries. Do also feel free to share any comments, prayer requests, or other requests that you have.

...And thank you for dropping by, all two thousands of you. See, there was plenty of room after all...

That's Still Nuttin:

Two thousand folks came knocking
Two thousand at the door
Two thousand people searching
Two thousand, and now more

Two thousand hidden smiles
Two thousand who came by
Two thousand from all countries
Two thousand who drew nigh

Two thousand quiet moments
Two thousand friends to tea
Two thousand 'I understand's
Two thousand friends for me

Two thousand people questing
Two thousand asking why
Two thousand gleaming stars
Two thousand in the sky

Two thousand cups of coffee
Two thousand bits of toast
Two thousand hands held in comfort
Two thousand times a host

Two thousand questions answered
Two thousand, more or less
Two thousand joined in prayer
Two thousand joined to bless

Two thousand is so little
Two thousand is so small
Two thousand is not many
I have space for one and all

So come in off the doorstep
Come in, come through the door
Come into my guest room
There's room for many more

Thanks to each of you for coming
I'm sad when your visits end
And please do come back often
And please do bring a friend

I'll be waiting by the doorstep
I'll have the kettle on for tea
Come by whenever you want to
And spend more time with me


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