Friday, October 5, 2007

Divine Mystery Explained

2000 years ago
In a small, tribal province that was ruled by Rome
The son of a carpenter's wife
Began preaching and healing people
He did amazing miracles
And claimed to be God's Son
He made the lame walk
He opened the ears of the deaf
He opened the eyes of the blind
He gave the disabled back their hands
He cleansed those stricken with horrible illnesses and made them well
He gave people back their minds
He restored our souls
He instructed us to love our neighbor as ourselves
And we nailed him to a tree
Dying, he forgave us
We closed his body in a stone tomb
Three days later we found the tomb empty
He appeared to our women
He met us as we mourned and turned our hearts around
He appeared in closed rooms
He appeared to many
We touched him and ate with him
He departed from us again and sent his spirit to guide us
Since then, for those of us who believe, nothing has been the same
There is much to do to prepare
We must learn to love
Let us begin

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