Monday, December 31, 2007



If we don't have sin from Adam,
Or Cain, or from the Jews;
If we are not corrupted
Then why is Christ good news?

Why did God come to us
Why did he have to die?
Does tossing out original sin
Make Christian faith a lie?

Christ was not big on judging
He did not tally sin
He did not judge between us
Did not say; "You aren't in!"

He was named; 'God is with us';
And he said; "The kingdom's near";
He said to love each other
As our God holds us each dear

He said to treat each other
As we'd like, if we were they
He named us sisters, brothers;
These are the things he'd say

So why did Jesus come to us?
To show that God is near;
To show God's great love for us;
To make God's message clear.

And why the cross and calvary?
Why did Christ have to die?
To show how much God loved us
To draw to God each eye.

So let's learn to love each other;
Let us be calm and kind
Let's leave old wrongs and grudges
In the dust behind

Let's live through Christ's commandment;
To love each other well,
So that when some person meets us;
That we're Christian, they can tell.

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