Thursday, December 20, 2007

After The Third Psalm

Many are against me
Many rise to harm me
They mock my faith
They tease and taunt:
Where is your Savior now?

They ask where is my help.
But it is with me still.
God stands by me
In good and bad
My sheild and advocate

My God lifts up my head
Assures me of His love
God honors me
And comforts me
And answers all my prayers

God watches when I sleep
Sustains me so I wake
How should I fear
Ten thousand men
When my God holds me dear

Arise my Lord I pray
Deliver me from woe
Unseat my foes
And save my life
And wipe away my tears

God, bless the saints with love
Restore them by your hand
Show all the world
Your saving love
So they can understand

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