Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jesus The Small and Meek

Tonight, the television showed me a person going into a church.

The person was shown moving up an aisle, with chairs stretching wide on either side. The church was huge. The next shot showed someone praying, eyes closed, from the level of the prayer's face.

You could see the first person approaching from behind, but barely could pick out the back wall, which ascended out of view.

Finally, the shot looking forward. The two people are small figures, dwarfed, like the seats and everyone there, by the immense wall with it's giant, resplendent, red-robed Jesus.

Which is wrong.

Way I hear it, Jesus wasn't that tall, and didn't go in for robes, or making people feel small.

His idea of worship was a few people gathering and talking about God, some prayer, a blessing and a spot to eat and drink, oh, and a psalm to end the meal.

The whole point of Jesus, it seems to me, is his approachability.

God came to be with us, as one of us. Not as a giant, red-robed, inscrutiable vision, but as a friend and counselor, who would have a bite with you, tell you a story, and be with you no matter how mean your estate.

I don't mean to De-God Jesus. By no means. My point is Jesus is the God who loves us so much that he takes on our very matter and life, and lives as us.

So take heart: no matter how small and fallible you are, Jesus is coming to meet you. And you'll be able to look him in the eyes.


I originally titled this post 'Jesus the small' but then I got thinking of Dorothy's line from 'The Wizard of Oz'...

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