Wednesday, January 2, 2008

After The Fifth Psalm

Hear my cry, O Lord
May my sighs arouse your mercy
Hear me, help me Lord
Let my morning prayer incite you

Evil is not of you
You overturn all it's schemes
You expose it's lies
It cannot abide your judgement

Killers you bring down
Decievers are reduced to shame
Their sins are exposed
You abhor them and bring them down

But the good you love
And the repentant they are blessed
Welcomed to your house
Worshiping you in your temple

Lead me O my Lord
Lead me in your great righteousness
Straightly in your paths
Help me to walk in your favor

My foes surround me
They lie constantly against me
Declare them guilty
Let their intrigues be their downfall.

Against you they rebel
But let your servants find great joy
All your faithful, bless
Let those who love you sing for joy

God blesses the good
God sheilds them within his strong wings
They pray not in vain
Their souls lie safe within his hand

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