Monday, January 28, 2008

Walking the Line

A young man walks in the frigid early morning air along a disused railroad line.

His grey and white camoflage jacket is partly unzipped: more open than you would think reasonable given the temperature.
But perhaps he has been walking for a few minutes.

The rail line he is walking on probably stretches half a mile behind him before it touches another road, and I know that he has a little ways to go before hitting the next crossing.

No school lies in the direction he walks, but perhaps he is older than he seems to me, and walks to work, perhaps at a factory, hardware depot, or service firm - all of which lie along his path.

It is a bit countercultural to walk to work. Does he lack a car? Does he enjoy the exercise and encounters with wilderness along the way? I suspect this is more a pragmatic approach to his life than a choice, but bless him for it, and hope that he finds it a blessing;

Once I walked along the rails to work, and I found it a blessing...
...The deer who stand in the shadows;
...The skunks who greeted me on my way;
...The bunnies that lounged in dust baths and eyed me warily;
...The birds, singing and flying about;
...The life that we share;
...The peace in those places more secluded from the daily bustle.

Perhaps this is the best part of walking between the busy places in our lives: the moments of peace.

May you, also find peace between your busy moments, and the means to enjoy it.


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