Friday, August 31, 2007

You Don't Need Words

A friend forwarded me a sermon recently, that had among its cuter quotes a comment from Annie Lamott, who claims that you only need to know two words to pray; 'Thanks' and 'Help'.

This is a great quote; amusing and directive, showing us how accessible God is and how simple to reach God.

But like many of my little words of wisdom, I don't think it goes far enough, or expresses the true wonder of God's love.

True, it encourages us all to pray, no matter how simple our prayers.

But we don't always have words for our prayers: God does not need words - just for us to try to walk with him.

And if you look at The Lord's Prayer, you will see that it asks for help and forgiveness *before* promising forgiveness in turn.

So you don't need words - all of creation can pray - and it is ok if you ask for help first and say thanks later.

And that's just like God:
Hearing our needs first,
Even when we don't know what they are.


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