Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Living Into Our Call

We all have a vision, I think, of our 'best self';
The self we hope to be,
And perhaps are meant to be.

A self who is uniformly good,
A self who is uniformly kind,
A self who is uniformly fair,
A self who has a special kind of wisdom,
A self who walks with God.

Visualize that self.
See that parnership with the Almighty.
Call forth your faith;
And walk that path.

Acknowledge and put aside thoughts and deeds that do not belong to your best self.

Put on the white robe of faith and walk with the Lord. Be your best self when you greet people, when you work, when you are with family, when you dine, when things go well, and when they go wrong.

Reframe your thoughts, words, and deeds from the perspective of your best self, and as if you were already living the life you imagine that this faithful self lives. Don't just count your blessings; that is for beginners; SEE yourself as blessed.

Envision your body, glowing with love and light. You are God's hands here on earth - Reach out and create, heal and help.

And when you stumble, pick yourself back up, admit your mistake, put your robe of faith back on, and go back to work.

You ARE blessed, and you ARE needed, more than you know or imagine.

Inspired by this, and St Paul.

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