Saturday, August 18, 2007

Seeking Balance

How do we manage to live well-rounded lives?
How do we ensure that we invest enough in the right things?
How do we even decide what are the right things?

There are so many choices, and so many tasks. Life demands much of us: far too much paperwork and conformity. Others are always asking, asking, asking, and pushing, pushing, pushing, and we don't get the things done that we know we really should do: things that make a difference.

But we must have balance in our lives. Not balance like a tightrope walker, but balance like a portfolio of investments - investments we can move as necessary.

And our assets are limited:
We have only so much time,
Only so much energy,
Only so much money,
With wich to express God's infinite love.

We must put the love first
(What are our priorities?)
And see how that drives the tasks
That use our time
Our energy
And our money.

Happily, God's love is free.

Peace to you


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