Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Light in the Darkness

We don't often talk in the waiting places.
Doctor's offices, train stations, elevators...
The places we wait for something to happen.

We just wait and our life spins by.
Some are quiet out of politeness,
Some because they are shy,
And some to keep the peace.

Fate, work, travel, sickness, life... have gathered you together here, but your minds, your hearts are miles away.

But some speak with the spirit, if they know you or not:

"Good Morning!", they say, with an intonation that shows they are wishing it for you all.

And your spirit rises in you, and you say "Good Morning!" back, and suddenly there is a community together in the waiting place;
people together; and sharing a few words.

And the glow from that brief friendly moment colors the next moment, and the next.

Good Morning!
Bless You!
God Be With You!

...Seems as if He arrived while you were speaking; thank you for inviting Him.

God Be With You All!


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