Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What's in a Name?

Ruth Gledhill names our little blog 'Odd' whilst calling us 'Signs And Wonders'. I am not sure I would choose to dispute either label. Something about that naming.. ...I can almost hear Paul Simon singing of the angels in the archetecture.

And I am sure that we DO live in an age of 'Signs and Wonders', from the metal beasts that carry us, quick as wind to whatever errand calls us, to the way we can save children with surgical techniques, while they are still in the womb.

We can do incredible things, things our predecessors named as being the provenance of God alone.

But having been granted the privelege of hearing the voices of the seraphim, shouldn't we also be hearing that voice whispering 'Who will go for us?' and 'Who shall we send?'

Having received such wealth, we will, I fear, be called to account for its use - and I am not sure we have invested our talents wisely.

Do we use our resources to help the weak, show love, ensure justice, and create opportunity? Build friendships and neighborhoods? Or is their use for profit and personal enjoyment?

May the Lord help us to use our gifts wisely.

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