Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mending the God-road

Anger divides us from God

There is no question in my mind that anger, no matter how righteous, makes it harder to hear God.

Maybe anger is noisy, in a spiritual sense.

Maybe it is by its nature self-centered.

Maybe we tend to turn off our mind, and/or our judgment when we get angry, or feel like our anger justifies our not being in as much control.

What I do know is that no matter how justified my anger is, it tends to wall me off from my wells of inspiration, my unity with God, my one-ness with everything, and that is not good.

I suppose it may be I am not 'doing anger' well, and I don't want to say we shouldn't feel angry.

Perhaps the thing is to recognize and acknowledge the feeling, drill down into the 'why's of the feeling, vent to friends and safe sounding boards, but to move beyond anger as soon as we are ready.

But another element is focus. Life is busy for most of us. When my life is over busy, and I am being pushed from five directions (or pulled in them, if you prefer), I am also less connected. I try to bring God actively into what I do, to walk with God, but I don't remember as well in the business of life.

Sharing inspiration and love helps though. Telling someone the good news, that God loves them, helps. Writing a bit helps. Maybe that is sort of priming the pump of Faith... Share some of what faith you have stored away, and more and more comes out.

May you always find plenty of faith and love to share, and always be brave enough to share it.


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