Friday, May 25, 2007

God's Light in the Dark Places

Listen to the imagery in this post on John Jude Palencar from Lines and Colors:

In John Jude Palencar’s fantasy themed illustrations, light seeps in, like some kind of oily liquid making its way through forgotten cracks.

What wonderful imagery. (Follow the link to see the art- and if you click through to his personal web site.. ..I must warn you, some of his art is disturbing.)

I often think that God's love is a bit like the light described above; it oozes in where we think it is blocked out, through forgotten cracks; it finds ways where everything was dark and dead; it revitalizes the lost and abandoned, it illuminates everything. We may not want to see what is thus revealed about ourselves or our world, but we cannot respond appropriately to that which we cannot see.

May God leak into the dark places of your life, and bring illumination and new life to your world.

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