Wednesday, May 2, 2007

'Oo 'r de Aynjelz?

angelus est nomen officii

Every day we work with the matter of this world, hopefully doing so in a creative and blessed way, such that the world may be slightly better for our passing, or at least no worse.

And when we improve the world, help a child, lend a hand, give direction, take time to listen, get involved and the like, we are transmitting God's message of love to the world.

We are fulfilling the office of messenger of God. (Angel, you may have heard, means 'messenger.) So at our best, we are Angels, because 'Angel' is a Job. (The Latin at the beginning of the post is a quote from St Gregory meaning "Angel is the name of their office".)

How wonderful and encouraging! That you can serve God as an Angel, no matter how mean (or well financed) you are, no matter what you have done to date in your life, you can be the hand of God -in many ways. And no one has to lob a scimitar at you to get you started. You just turn, and walk into the light.

People speak of 'fallen angels' and watch for our public figures to fall from grace, but the everyday Angels go unnoticed, holding doors, packages, lending a hand, consoling, supporting, giving of time and money, labor and love. Yes some fall, but many more are rising up, and rising up in ways that are truly important and more valuable than mere celebrity.

May we strive every day to be worthy servants and effective messengers of God, and to be constantly encouraging those who serve with us here in the world.

This post has been edited since first posted, some capitalizations have been changed, and extra Monty Python and other explanatory text added.

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