Friday, September 24, 2010

Do You See the Children?

Proposed Antiphon:  Use your gifts wisely.

Children move among the aisles;
I say children, but they are not that young;
Some are old;
Some are young adults;
Some are middle-aged.

Children move among the aisles;
Their job is to sort;
To adjust;
To make things neat;
To make it easy for things to sell.

Fancy clothes;
Fancy bags;
Fancy shoes;
Shoes that cost the earth;
Clothes that cost the sky;
Bags that cost the sun, the moon, and the stars.

The children work in their best clothes;
Which are sad and worn.
In their best shoes;
Which sometimes are worse than no shoes at all.
They carry no bags;
Bags are for leisure, for shopping, for preening.

Children move among the aisles;
Adjusting things they cannot own;
Wearing broken clothes;
And living broken lives.
Do you see the children in the aisles? 

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