Friday, March 21, 2008

Blessing for a Non-Sectarian Wedding Feast

This Good Friday, I had the pleasure to contribute a blessing for a wedding feast.

Somehow that feels particularly appropriate for the day when we commemorate the sacrifice of a man who often referred to himself as a groom.

The Prayer:

God, we thank you for bringing us here at this time, to share with friends and family the joyful wedding of N and M. May God continue to bless them, and work through their lives to make them, and the world a better and more loving place. God bless this meal before us, bless us as we share it, and continue to bless us as we travel and as we return to our individual lives. May the strength of N and M’s love inspire us each to a renewed commitment to each other – to live more kindly, to share more fully, and to love more passionately.

In God’s name we pray;


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