Saturday, July 7, 2007

Today's Quest

Today I was questing,
For what I know not.
I traveled miles that few travel,
Through deserted glades and along abondoned rivers.

Few see fit to wander where I go, though many pass close by, without ever knowing what lies there.

Their litter finds it's way there, though: hubcaps, and tires, and mattresses and shoes.

Golf balls and dumpsters and laptops and bottles.

But beauty and innocence lies in these abandoned places. I know where the hart rests, and where the doe hides her newborn fawn.

I see where the orphaned duckling is cared for, and where the crayfish spawn.

I know the great feasts of the muskrats, and where their dining-hall lies.

I visit hunting grounds of Herons, and of dragonflies.

And I see the bowers of the Faries, far from man's sight.

I say I do not know what I seek on this quest, and that is both true and not, for my son shares my quest with me.

It is the serendipity of the quest I seek, the unknown, and to share it with one who will appreciate it in his own turn;

And someday seek with his progeny the secret bower of the hart, and the nest of the fawn, the magic of fairies, and the joy of the dawn.

God's blessings be evident to you and yours...


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