Friday, January 12, 2007

Touching God

Sometimes we have moments that take us out of our mundane world.

Moments of grace, of vision, of love, of a sense of something more...

Perhaps moments when we sense our unity with others, with the world, the infinite.

Moments when we see, feel, or touch part of God

We often think of the infinite as being out there, as something only God can grasp, create, or manipulate, acting in movements of creation, love, grace, redemption, and the like.

But we can and do enter into the infinite labors of God. Think about the infinite effects of loving, raising a child, helping a stranger, adopting a stray, being a true love, working daily to feed and clothe your family, and helping others.

When you entangle your life with another, when you show love, you manipulate the infinite. The impact on those you interact with is infinite, and the changes you create directly and indirectly affect everything else.

God is love, and where true love is, God himself is there.

Grasp the Infinite; Show your Love

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