Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dreams of Heaven?

I dreampt I was a child at a picnic
There were lots of people,
Lots of other children there.
And everyone was friends.
The grass was green.
There were stout oaks standing about, and picnic tables.

I say they were Oaks, because I know that they were Oaks, but as they were quite tall and straight, and as I was only small, I just remember their trunks, and the way their roots were kneaded into the ground.

The place was a graveyard, but without many tombs or graves, mostly it was grass, moss, trees and occasional picnic tables.

There was a mausoleum near where some of us were playing. The mood was happy. There was a feeling that this was a very big outdoor party, with friends everywhere, like, wherever you went, you would meet more friends, some old friends, some new friends, and some forgotten friends you would remember once you spoke to them.

An older man who was also a friend was arriving, walking towards us, coming up alongside the mausoleum, between it and an old oak with a tall straight trunk that I was playing next to at that moment.

There was a kind of cloud or mist near his right side, at his right hand, or around his arm, or by his elbow. We laughed and said that it was his 'little ghost', and ran to greet him, as he came to us, smiling.

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