Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Word 'Love'

We have only one word for love,
And I think that we need more.

We say we ‘love’ coffee, and we say we ‘love’ donuts;
And we ‘love’ chocolate and we ‘love’ caramel;
We ‘love’ ice cream and custard.

We ‘love’ going for walks;
And we ‘love’ going out;
And we ‘love’ wearing nice things.

We ‘love’ cars, and we ‘love’ houses;
We ‘love’ movies, and we ‘love’ art;
We ‘love’ books, and we ‘love’ sunsets;

But these are not the same Love;
As what one feels for a spouse or a friend;
Or a brother, or a sister;
Or a child, or a stranger.

These are not relational loves.
And they don’t deserve the same word.

If I had my way, they would be cast off;
Left to find another word;

A word appropriate to the world of things that don’t feel;
Things that don’t answer back;
Things that don’t know love;
Things that cannot feel hurt.

Love is too strong for them;
They cannot know it;
And it is not about them.

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